I am a singer who moves on the border of music genres and now mostly in the field of contemporary and experimental music. I studied opera singing at JAMU and VŠMU and my voice can ba characterized as the lyric soprano. Later I became interested in free improvisation,extended vocal techniques and exploring various vocal positions. All this I find best combined in
the contemporary classical music, which I admire for its topics and the language that it speaks.

The largest part of my repertoir consists of both Czech and foreign 20th and the 21st century songs. I love being inspired by folk music and I get fulfilled mostly by the connection of music and theatre in all forms (opera, drama, radio etc.).

Besides singing, I organize events that could be called “Little Things”. Namely, they are Micro-operas, “Byťáky” or apartment events, and a small festival Sounds, Colors and Voices of the St.Anne Chapel.

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